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We believe that exceptional tailoring goes beyond just measurements and stitches; it’s about forming a personal connection with our clients. Our dedicated style consultants work closely with you to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. This collaboration ensures that every detail of your garment reflects your personality and style.

Strong Together

Welcome to Treyond World, where style meets craftsmanship! We are dedicated to bringing your unique fashion visions to life through expert tailoring and personalized service. Our story is one of passion, precision, and a commitment to excellence in every

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30 years of experience

Factory Direct Brand – No Middle Man, Direct Selling – Mass Target = Mass Production = Affordable Prices – Self Owned Factory (over 200 skilled employees) – Custom stitching Products directly to customers from the Factory at there home -We provide Top Quality Fabrics at your doorstep. – Unlimited Design options available with 5000+ men's Fsshion Product at your doorstep

Modern jobs with modern tools

We are a professional state-of-the art tailoring factory, offering direct factory prices to our customers. We have been in the tailoring business for two decades and are proud to be able to offer the best prices available on the internet. We have the best fabric partners, a highly skilled IT support team (responsible for everything from web development to process optimization), and most importantly, we operate our own production facility.

The most important advantage of working with an experienced specialist is time saving, do not eliminate it!